The popular acrylic photo frame will gradually replace the traditional one

China – As the high performance of the newly acrylic materials, the related acrylic products such as acrylic displays have become more and more acceptable by most of consumers around the world. It could be seen that the acrylic products will eventually replace the traditional glass products.

The editor from famous acrylic online seller acrylic display said that compared with the common glass and ordinary plastic photo frames on currently market, the advantages of the new acrylic photo frames are very obviously.

First, as the good transmittance of the acrylic material, the acrylic photo frames also have very excellent transmitting performance. The transmittance of the transparent acrylic photo frame is even better than that feature of the traditional glass. Compared to traditional the photo frames which made of materials such glass, the acrylic photo frames have more prominent and stronger anti-shocking ability. There is the very interesting news about some related acrylic products. It was said that some countries have legislation explicitly that the traditional glass windows of children¡¯s activities could be all replaced by related acrylic material product as the high performance of its anti-shocking.

Secondly, all of these acrylic products such as acrylic photo frames have the feature of lightweight which feature is better than that of the same series of glasses products such as the glass photo frames. This is because that the density of the acrylic material is higher than that of glass and other materials.

The other unique feature of the acrylic photo frames should be the good oxidation resistance which could be not easily deformed and discolored. This advantage is also determined by the high performance of the acrylic material.

Besides the acrylic photos frames, all of above advantages make the acrylic materials be widely applied to the surface of furniture, posters, display, decorative furniture products, decorative panels and ceiling. Because of high translucent performance of acrylic, this material could be often used in light-related renovation. In addition to a lot of acrylic material lamps, people who like the DIY might look like to design the appearance and shape of the related acrylic home decorated objects by their own mind . The acrylic photo frames should be very good example for this.

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