How to Be a Great Best Man

You’ve been childhood friends, you were there when he got his belly button pierced, you saw him graduate college, and now he’s getting married and he picked you- of all people- to be his best man. A wave of happiness and jealousy wash over you at the same time, but hey, he had to get married sometime, right? Now it’s time for you to be the best best man you can be. Here are some ways you can make everyone happy.

It’s your job to plan the most awesome bachelor party the world has ever seen. It could be as simple as a barbeque with all the dudes at your house or the plot of The Hangover. Either way, it’s up to you (and maybe some of the other groomsmen) to start the planning early and well hidden from the groom. Obviously, make sure it’s something he would be okay with doing- there are few things worse than expensive, but bad surprises. Be creative and be fun. Don’t be afraid to spend some money- he is your best friend after all.

Your bachelor party is over and you may or may not remember everything that was done, but what happens there stays between those that attended. Now it’s time for the wedding and it’s your time to make sure everything from your side goes as smoothly as humanly possible. Your responsibilities aren’t just to give moral support and look good while doing it; there’s a wide variety of jobs that need to be accomplished during the proceedings. One- make sure that the groom remembers to bring his recently obtained marriage license to the wedding so that the officiant can sign it afterwards. Two- don’t lose the ring. Sometimes, the family of the bride and groom will decide to use a ring bearer (usually a small, exploited child), but on the offchance that they decide to exploit you instead, have the bride’s ring handy. Three- you will be in charge of delivering the checks from groom to either the DJ or the photographer, or both. You won’t be able to cash the check yourself, unless your name is either DJ or photographer, so it’s in everybody’s best interest that you don’t try. And fourth- make sure everything runs smoothly. Generally speaking, the family will take care of most problems, but you need to be ready to pounce on anyone creating a disturbance.

The reception is your time to shine. And by shine I mean, make a speech/toast that would rival MLK’s “I Have a Dream” speech. This is easier said than done, I understand. But don’t get too drunk and ramble on about childhood debauchery or other similar, yet stupid experiences- those are there for you to silently laugh at when other people are speaking. Keep it simple and heartfelt. Throw some jokes in for good measure, but understand that there are few things worse than bad public jokes. If you manage to avoid the things that doom all toasters, the crowd will love you and throw roses at your feet.

The most important task for you though, is to thoroughly enjoy the wedding. The venue is probably the most important item, so make sure to call on the Sage Event Center to host a better wedding than the Kennedy’s could. Their professional staff and amazing facility will leave everyone in awe- so call them today and view the Sage Event Center!


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