Let’s say you can get a website made for 145$ Is that cheap or smart?

Selling cheap has become a norm, people everywhere are selling cheap to get by. But then are those services really cheap, especially when it comes to servicing the website design requirements of a business?

“the answer to increased competition in web design became reduction in profit margins” – says Managing Director Manas Bhatt, Whitepaper IT, India.

The solution was not reduce profits, but to optimize and effectively deliver more.

We at Whitepaper IT focus on finding ways to optimize the cost of service and hence improve the quality of delivery, without compromising on price or profitability and thus ensure healthy business association.

This became obvious when we started looking in to UI/UX i.e. User Interface & User Experience as a service proposition instead of web design.

However, we also realized that we can do a website for less than 145$ and still deliver top of the line spectrum.

Going so far to include within the 145$

·         A customized design

·         Responsive i.e. HTML5/CSS3 and mobile compatible

·         Dynamic pages and blog features

·         Contact forms, Maps Integration

This is for real and this is the future.

A decent template can be bought for 45$ from type websites, but then real value for the template is only achieved when someone spends time behind it and doing such things as:

·         Changing the banners

·         Apply smart, relevant content

·         Enhancing look and feel, by apply suitable brand and associations

·         Setting up form fields and

·         Troubleshooting bugs

The end result is an altogether new site. This resembles business that used to be some 5-6 years ago, when a very custom site could be made for 350$, now, we can still do the same but for half the price.