5 Gyres Announces Viking Gyre Expedition 2014

Departing on June 7th, there are 8 seats for guest crew, who will participate in every aspect of sailing and research, as well as learn about plastic marine pollution from expert scientists onboard.  Our goal is to inspire new ambassadors to engage their communities in solutions back on land through an unforgettable adventure, and total immersion in all aspects of the issue at sea. 


Bermuda to Iceland, June 7 – 29th 2014

Crew will participate in a 2600 mile of journey, departing from the crystalline, turquoise waters of Bermuda to the stunning, dramatic coastline of Iceland. In addition to experiencing first hand the thrill of ocean sailing, crew will take part in daily educational programs – evening workshops and presentations, training in relevant scientific issues, and current policy initiatives. 


5 Gyres and invited crew will conduct round the clock research at sea, taking surface samples with our Manta and High Speed Trawls, subsurface samples with our newly designed vertical trawl, conducting daily, timed visual observations, and collecting fish samples for partnering toxicologists investigating the potential human health impacts of plastic pollution.


Partnering with The 5 Gyres Institute provides forward-thinking brands with unparalleled content, promotional, marketing and branding opportunities. Our dedicated expedition team and staff does all the heavy-lifting that puts your brand in front of an audience comprised of activists and advocates.

We can prepare and deliver rich, engaging content to drive meaningful impressions that reinforce your brands commitment to environmental stewardship.

Your investment in our expedition will yield your brand exponential value in return and creates positive associations and goodwill in both the local and global community.

The 5 Gyres Institute is offering a variety of sponsorship levels for brands of all types and sizes as well as custom branding opportunities that meet your specific business objectives.

For more information on how to get involved, please contact Anna Cummins or Stiv Wilson with contact details below.

Anna Cummins / Executive Director


Stiv Wilson / Business Development Director