FALKE RU Achilles: The innovative running sock for Achilles tendon injuries

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Tessa Dubois 

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Hickory, N.C. (May 7,2015) - As market leader, Falke sets standards - and for Spring/Summer 2015 the company introduces the Falke RU Achilles, the first running sock for athletes with Achilles tendon problems. The result of the collaboration of sports doctors, athletes and experienced Falke product specialists is an innovative running sock that is fully convincing in terms of function, quality and design. In the course of their lives, every fifth runner will suffer from an inflammation or irritation of the Achilles tendon. Achilles tendon problems are thus one of the most common running injuries. The causes are manifold and often force athletes to take a break from their sports activities. The therapeutic approaches are just as wide-ranging. Curative measures like eccentric training and massages can help relieve the associated problems in many cases.

How the Falke RU Achilles functions

Falke RU Achilles follows the operational principles of a massage. Anatomically tailored 3D-silicon pyramids massage the tissues on both sides of the Achilles tendon. This stimulates the blood circulation, improves the oxygen supply of the tissue and helps to faster transport inflammatory substances away from the area. Thanks to the increased blood supply of the tendon, discomfort during running and other sports is reduced.

Material and additional product features

The running sock made of Lyocell provides for optimal cooling. The cellulose fibres quickly absorb moisture and are particularly effective due to rapid drying. The socks’ patented left and right toe parts prevent the toes from being subjected to pressure and rubbing points. Moreover, the compression in the foot area ensures that the sock fits like a second skin and also prohibits swelling of the feet during longer runs or extreme heat.

Material: 35% polyamide, 34% polypropylene, 15% Lyocell, 10% elastane, 6% polyester

Retail price: 29.95€

About Falke International 
A fourth generation family owned German business, where luxury and performance is a way of life, is now available in the US market. From luxury legwear to the body mapping Ergonomic Sport System, quality is a given and performance is unsurpassed. Falke is committed to deliver the ultimate in technology and technical excellence.