From the classic self-balancing good quality electric air board of Airwheel to the latest models

Throughout the whole history of Airwheel, it experienced a lot of eras. Airwheel was set up long ago, but it entered the sector of electric self-balancing scooter in the year of 2013. The moment Airwheel entered the sector of electric self-balancing scooter, it pushed out its first model, i.e. the single-wheeled self-balancing scooter X-series. From its first model to the latest model, it is easy to see the innovation and influence of Airwheel in the current market for electric scooter.

The first model, Airwheel electric unicycle X-series gained its currency by means of its agility. The agility is from its single-wheeled structure design. The single-wheeled structure design ensures the agility and at the same time paved the way for the future intelligent self-balancing scooter. Now a lot of skilled players like Airwheel X-series. They see it as the classic model and the patent of veteran electric scooters.

Airwheel Q-series is regarded as a change in the wheel structure. Airwheel transformed its single-wheeled structure into the twin-wheeled structure in an attempt to attract more customers from all over the world. The twin-wheeled structure ensures a better ability to keep balance. It a great deal shortens the time that goes on learning to steer Airwheel electric self-balancing scooter. The twin-wheeled intelligent scooter Q-Series showed Airwheel’s power and innovation.

Subsequent to X-series and Q-series, Airwheel pushed out S-series two-wheeled self-balancing scooter and A-series. S-series becomes the largest family in Airwheel. It has many members such as S3, S5 and S8. These two-wheeled intelligent hoverboard represent the ultimate in design and technology.

Airwheel S3 hit a new high in design in Airwheel and even in the whole market. A-series, such as A3 is a symbolism of technology. It is a pioneer in the sit-on mode of ride. These forte and advantages will linger in Airwheel. In the future market, it is easy to imagine that Airwheel will thrive more and more.

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