Actress PAMELA HEFFLER Faces a Risky Situation on the New NBC Medical Drama ‘HEARTBEAT’ Airing on April 6, 2016


LOS ANGELES (March 30, 2016) – Actress PAMELA HEFFLER appears opposite series stars Melissa George and Dave Annable as a cancer patient facing a risky situation in an all new-episode of the high-stakes medical drama, HEARTBEAT, airing on Wednesday April 6th at 8:00pm ET/CT on NBC.

HEARTBEAT follows the professional and personal life of heart transplant surgeon, Alex Panttiere (George). In the episode “100,000 Heartbeats,” Alex and Pierce (Annable) disagree on whether an experimental treatment for those with advanced stage cancer is right for the hospital's patients, including one Mother (Heffler). True to form, Alex takes matters into her own hands with a risky move to find volunteers.

Heffler was excited to be directed by successful actress-turned-director Helen Shaver, adding “Working with Helen I got to see how she leads with strength and sensitivity. She knows how to get the actors to an emotional tone. In my scene, I am with my children and she gently nudged them emotionally so they could connect to the experience of their mother dying which is a fine line to tread. She is also one of the few successful female directors and with the conversation of gender balance in the industry it was a thrill to work with her.”

Coming soon, Heffler stars as psychic medium in the new virtual reality horror short, EYE FOR AN EYE: A SÉANCE IN VR. When a teenager goes missing, his friends turn to the mysterious medium Henrietta Sparks (Heffler) for help but must tread cautiously to avoid summoning the young ghost roaming the neighborhood in search of a way to the other side. The film has been gaining momentum on the tech scene at prominent festivals around the country, including SXSW and Sundance.

Previously, Heffler delivered a solid performance in Lee Cipolla’s (Know Thy Enemy, Harder They Fall) tense hospital drama film, The Shift, starring Leonel Oliva and Danny Glover. Her notable credits also include a stint alongside Brooke Lyons and Ava Gaudet in NBC’s comedy series Love Bites, a guest starring role on Discovery ID’s docu-drama series Deadly Sins, the lead in the dramatic indie feature Tringled, an appearance in the Dee Wallace starrer Beautysleep Symphony, and an episode of the comedy web series Vegan 101.

A Potomac, Maryland native, Heffler became involved in the arts from a young age, developing her singing and dancing abilities. She went on to graduate from the University of Massachusetts/Amherst and spent many years as a professional dancer, which paved her way to transition into the acting arena. She is currently in-development on her own project, a short film to inspire kids to be self-expressive through dance.

Pamela Heffler is represented by Almond Talent Agency.

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