M is for Monster Helps Children Learn

M is for Monster is a monthly subscription program for parents with children in the learning “sweet spot” of ages 2-5. Each monstrously large Monster box contains 10-12 activities and kid-friendly crafts, centered on weekly themes.  The learning-disguised-as-fun activities develop children’s minds and bodies, teaching fine motor tasks such as coloring and gluing.

My monster boxes, like my kids, come in more than one size.  Toddler boxes are good for ages 2-3. They focus on uppercase letters, numbers 1-10 and basic shapes.  Pre-school boxes are good for ages 4-5.  They focus on lowercase, numbers 1-20 and more advanced shapes.

Monster boxes came about “organically,” drawn from my personal experience as a mom and my work as a pre-school teacher for nearly a decade.  I was tired of spending so much time planning shopping and prepping educational activities and looking for a better way.  There was none to be found! After a lot of fruitless searching, I decided to create my own weekly “boxes” of go-to learning activities.  They were a huge success at my house, and I realized they might work for other busy moms and dads, too.  That’s when the monster idea for M is for Monster hit me.

Monsters boxes are just one aspect of the M is for Monster “experience.”  I have also created an online community where parents can refuel their creativity, get tips for healthy eating, and participate in free giveaways. Please visit to learn more about me and the work I do.