My Credit/Debit card has a chip in what?

You may, or may not, have a card in your wallet that has an “EMV” chip embedded in it. If you don’t have one yet, odds are that by the middle of next year you will.
I will not go into how these chips work, because I believe that most of us couldn’t care less about how it works and more about how this change will affect how we use our cards for groceries and things like our Friday night pizza. I have included a few examples below:
  • At a sit-down restaurant, which in the past took your card from the table to process, the server will bring a wireless card terminal to the table. You will need to insert your card into the terminal, select the tip amount, approve the final amount, and sign.
  • When it comes to pizza delivery; expect the friendly person taking your order over the phone to ask if you would like to include a tip. This may seem a little forward, but odds are the person on the other end of phone is more uncomfortable than you are by the change in this process.
  • Your local retail business, which previously took your card and swiped it, will either have a PIN pad that you insert your card into, or they will just hand you the terminal to complete your transaction.
Some of these changes may not happen for some time, but eventually these scenarios will be the new norm. The reason for these changes, along with the addition of the EMV chip, is to combat fraud in the card payment system, which is something I think that all of us are happy to see.
The links below will provide additional information on the EMV chip, how it works, or other changes we should see in the near future.
Rich Stearns
AVP/Cash Management Officer
First Bank of Wyoming, Division of Glacier Bank
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