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USA: Though both FLV as well as MPEG formats are equally commonly used for videos, FLV format is much more preferred especially when it comes to sharing videos online. Most of the popular video sharing platforms like YouTube, MySpace, etc prefer FLV to any other format. Hence, for people who want to share videos online, a good MPEG to FLV Converter is essential. But when there are a number of other similar tools online why prefer this software?

There are a number of reasons for why this particular converter is preferable. Basically, this software is absolutely free and yet has a great array of features that are not available with even other costly software. This combination is very advantageous and as rare. Some of the advantageous features are as follows:

The conversion is done quickly and if required users can also opt for batch conversion, where a number of files can be processed at the same time. Additionally, this software comes with a simple to understand and easy to use interface. So, anybody can easily use this software tool and the video quality that is available after conversion is top class. So, this tool has all the features necessary for good conversion software.

The website says, “This Free MPEG to FLV Converter supports almost all .mpeg extensions, which makes it very flexible. The fact that the app results in top quality FLV files is something which should be noted.”

Finally, what makes this software different from other similar conversion tools is the versatility. Apart from converting files from MPEG format to FLV, users can also extract audio from MPEG files into MP3 format. If required any additional or unwanted bits can also be removed to make the files less bulky and more interesting. So, for people looking for a smart, quick, quality and free MPEG to FLV Converter, this is the perfect choice.

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