Where You Need DVI Splitters and Converters

Much like the old video splitters, DVI splitters are used for sharing an image from one source to multiple displays. As one of the newest digital audio and video interfaces, HDMI has become exceedingly popular in the realms of consumer electronics—most often used with high definition televisions and computer monitors.

When it comes to DVI to HDMI adapters, the relationship is a little different. DVI may carry the same digital video signal as HDMI, but the difference lies in the fact that DVI does not carry audio signals, whereas the HDMI does. This means that while you can view an image from a source file, the image will not be accompanied by sound at all.

If you want audio to come in with the video feed, you will need to have an active converter to combine the video signal that comes from the DVI source with the audio into the HDMI signal. This method can achieve getting you both video and audio at same time, without as much as a hitch.

So in What Situations Would You Need a DVI Splitter or Converter?

Simply put, a DVI splitter or converter can be utilized in scenarios where you want to split a video signal from a source, out to multiple (2 or more) display units. There are many scenarios which can fit into this category, but the most popular reasons for this have been briefly highlighted below:

  • If you have two computer monitors and one computer, yet want to feed the image from your computer to each monitor, then a DVI splitter would be necessary.
  • Gamers have been known to use a DVI to HDMI splitter in order to shoot signals from one source gaming console to multiple screens.
  • DVD players, Blu-ray players, and cable boxes can be hooked up with splitters so that the same video may be shared on a small network of displays (televisions, monitors, and projectors).
  • In a small office environment, splitting signals can also be great for small offices where multimedia presentations are often used. This allows everyone in the office to get a fair look at the presentations, shared videos, documents, or other information that is being shared at the office.

DVI cable and splitters are available in a variety of different port configurations. A strategy that many tech-savvy people use is to cascade DVI splitters so that they can compound the amount of displays to which signals are being sent out.

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