JB Media Institute Grows, Launches Online Program

Justin Belleme, Founder and Lead Strategist at JB Media Group, and Director of Training, Sarah Benoit, launched the JB Media Institute in the summer of 2013 as a six-week in-person training program. Now, six sessions and two years later, the popular Internet marketing training program will be available for the first time online.

The pilot program will be filled with hand-selected students to test the new system, with open enrollment for the online session beginning in July.

While the in-person seated class won’t be going away, one of the main advantages of the online Institute is that it will be less expensive—Belleme says it will be half the cost of the seated program—and it will also be more accessible, with participants from any location being able to attend online classes anytime during the day, night or weekend. The online Institute will roll out new content on a weekly basis, over six weeks, giving students the ability to work at their own pace.

“Initially, our goal is to expand our impact in the Asheville area and the southeast by reaching more students with valuable content that will help them in their businesses and careers,” said Belleme.

Belleme describes the online Institute model as a “continuous learning community,” where students and alumni can share ideas and support one another in a collaborative way. Instructors will have office hours and the ability to engage in online communities and forums with students in real time. Live calls and presentations will be offered, and students will be encouraged to share, feedback, and support one another in real time each week.

“Our new online classroom will offer a wide variety of ways for students to engage with instructors, the material, and each other,” said lead trainer Sarah Benoit.

Moving to the Online Model

With a comprehensive curriculum following the same educational tracks as the in-person session, the online program is designed to help anyone who is looking for career development, trying to launch a startup, grow an existing business, increase donors for a non profit, or seeking work in the communication, marketing or advertising fields.

Unlike individual classes that cover one thing about Internet marketing, the Institute curriculum includes all of the elements for successful Internet marketing, and how they tie together, with strategy and best practices for:

  • Social media
  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Online public relations
  • Online advertising

Membership tiers for the online Institute include a Student level for high school and college students and those in career transition, a Nonprofit and Small Business level for companies of two or less full time employees, and a Full Membership level for businesses with more than two full time employees.

“In many ways the Internet has lowered the barrier of entry for entrepreneurship, but without education it can be intimidating to get started with an online business or with using modern marketing strategies to market a business," said Belleme. "Our online Institute helps break down this education gap, which is why we operate with the tagline: "We understand the Internet, now you can too."

"After 12 years in Internet Marketing, the most important key to success is to understand that the principles, tools, and strategies for achieving your goals will change every week and every month," added Benoit.

In such a rapidly changing industry, it's up to Belleme and Benoit and the rest of the JB Media team to stay current in order to help their clients be successful, and this up-to-date, real world knowledge is passed on to the Institute students.

"All our teachers do this work full time" said Belleme.

Added Benoit, "We teach our students how to think and act like Internet Marketing professionals, because that's who we are. It's what we do."

Looking Ahead

The first 200 participants to sign up for the online Institute will receive a year-long subscription to the online Institute learning community, which includes access to new and updated content, white papers, interviews, new class offerings, community forums, invitations to online and live events, as well as a library of resources.

For Benoit, who is widely known in the Asheville area for her dynamic and engaging teaching style, her number one goal for the online Institute is to reach more people with the message that successful Internet marketing is about telling an authentic story to the right audiences.

“Internet Marketing is about making real connections with people who will believe in what you do, love what you do, support what you do, and want to be a part of your success,” she said.

As the online Institute grows, Belleme said they are planning on adding a scholarship component to support career development for people who cannot afford the costs of the course.

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About JB Media Group

JB Media Group is a full-service Internet marketing agency in Asheville, North Carolina, made up of writers, researchers, strategists, and trainers. They specialize in integrating all aspects of Internet marketing including strategy, SEO, online advertising, online public relations, content development, and crowd funding.

About the JB Media Institute
Launched in 2013, the JB Media Institute is a comprehensive Internet marketing training program, currently available in person in Asheville, NC, and soon to be available online. Developed out of customized Internet marketing training programs created for JB Media Group clients, the Institute classes include up-to-date best practices for search engine optimization, social media, online advertising, online public relations, and strategy.