SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED Finished Comprehensive Market Study for Forecasting Fiber Optic Cleaner Sales

China - SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, China’s leading fiber optic cleaner manufacturer, recently conducted a comprehensive market study to scope the demand for fiber optic tools in the near future. The company published the report in the blog section of its official website and also called a press conference to announce the findings of their market study. According to them, the demand for optical connectors and the tools that help in diagnosing and fixing congestion problems in optical connectors is quite strong at the moment when the study was conducted.

According to the market analysts representing the one click cleaner manufacturing company, internet index companies are likely to spend 43-48 billion USD on networking infrastructure. They concluded that the spending is about to grow at a rate of 15% during the current financial year. They also added that the findings correspond to the target revenue figures projected by the company for the same financial year.

“Optical components and modules market has grown consistently for six years in a row, with an average annual growth rate of 14%. 100 DWDM as well as 16G fiber channel products will be high in demand in this financial year, as we found through this market study”, an analyst said. Besides, the AOC and EOM market will also grow steadily in this year. “We also project a steady growth for 10G PON products in this financial year”, he added.

The CEO of SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED also gave a brief speech at the event conducted by the media team of the company. He said that the full report can be found on the website of SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED. “Interested people can also send us emails to get a PDF copy of the full report. As of now, the market looks promising and hopefully we will be able to gain more traction in the market with the fiber optic cleaning kit and other tools that we manufacture in our workshop in Shenzhen, China.”

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SYOPTEK INTERNATIONAL LIMITED is a reputable manufacturer of fiber optic tools, fiber optic cleaning tools and fiber optic diagnostics.

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