Four Top Topics About taps

First, Classification of increasingly refined
Thinking back to ten years ago, the kitchen and Taps Sale in my home, there are only traditional ugly cast iron taps. And the shower taps from home to public baths are run in the same groove. Nowadays, taps are amazing diversity: just the bathroom taps can be divided into basin taps, bathtub taps and bidet taps and other categories. In each category, but also according to the function, style, material and color is divided into many small categories.

Second, Mixer tap become a popular trend
LED Taps can make hot and cool water together, and can adjust the water temperature. For the moment most families have installed the water heater and a few families property supply hot water for 24 hours. In daily cooking and taking shower, we would like use the hot water at any time. So, more and more consumers like to choose mixer taps for getting warm water.

Third, A variety of taps styles
In the personalized decoration in the family, people also want to Bathroom Accessory into the types and styles, reach the coordinated effect. For example, the classical style of leading in gold and silver color, the ornate, with classical style decoration; modern style with matte, avant-garde style, use in modern style of the space; and to milky white, smooth lines of the taps, almost can be applied to any light room.

Fourth, The function of taps getting better
In order to meet the different needs of consumers, the Kitchen Taps also has many functions: such as bathrooms with shower taps, it have the massage function, can make the water flow with bubbles, or change the water and many other functions, and the design of leading core design unique, not only wear resistance, no leakage, but also has the automatic balance of hot and cool water flow water temperature constant.

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