KRR Infra Chief Offered Pooja To Pranahitha

Mr. Reddy – KRR Infra Chief, KRR Infra Projects (Construction and Builders) offered pooja to pranahitha pushkaralu at Kaleshwaram (Pranahitha River), is an Interstate River, which forms boundary between Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

According to legend, Pushkaram is a festival of rivers, 12 important ones in the country, occurring once in 12 years for each river. The river for each year’s festival is based on the position of Jupiter in the Zodiac, the pushkaram lasting for a period as long as the planet remains there. It is believed that Pushkarudu, or the Pushkar God, who is so powerful as to make any river holy, travels with Jupiter.

KRR expressed his interests towards his development for Karimnagar district and planning towards ventures in real estate. In today’s growth, real estate is considered to be increase demand in the commercial and residential space and it is poised to grow further in future, for the investment in real estate space. Availability of land is crucial now a days, krr infra chief deciding to establish and hold large parcels of land in south India and KRR open doors for realization of many ideas. People In Karimnagar discussed about KRR venture and slab rates today.

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