The Kindle Version Oftriangulum Stain: Attack Of The Replacing Alien Dildos Is Out On Amazon


New York, NY (April 14, 2014)– Moctezuma Johnson, the famous author, has come up with an incredible book called, Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replacing Alien Dildos. The kindle edition of this amazingly written book is offered to the Amazon customers with incredible discounts.

The book was published on April 5th, 2014. This 727 KB book narrates the part of Government and MIB as well. This book depicts a plot where Freak Force Five is out on its way in a supersonic jet while a town in Arizona is under dildo attack. The writer has amazingly portrayed the role of an agent that becomes a sentient dildo, who is returning from space, through a capsule that hits Earth.This book has been described as Michael Crichton meets Mika Tan. As the narrative of the book progresses, a Replicating Alien Dildo starts using Earth Women to reproduce. This threatens to destroy the human race. A few scientists and a highly trained team of Women in Black are on the case to try and stop this alien menace.

The 43 pages book narrates a wild, campy story, about a group of scientists, and their initiatives to stop this conspiracy in Arizona, even before the crash landing of this agent. This book is about the final outcome of the initiatives, if they actually survive or die at the end. The threesome story is based on the local law enforcement’s thrilling journey.

The recently published book, by the well known publishing house, Girls Carrying Books, has ratcheted up this English humor book, and added an amazing price cut for the convenience of the customers. The real price of the book is fixed at $2.82. However, the company has made a wonderful discount of 6%, availing which, you can purchase this book just $0.18.  This book is offered to the international customers at only Rs. 180.00, along with the facility of international wireless delivery.

This awesome book has already created a fantastic market buzz. Rosaline O has just collected this book from Amazon store. She says, “This book is really amazing. I loved the exciting journey of this story. I found it to be amazingly humorous as well. Besides that, the narrative style of the author is great too. I am also happy about the fact that, I got to collect this book at a discounted rate. These kinds of books are generally found at a higher rate in the general book stores. This book is a must have for all reading lovers.”

Triangulum Stain: Attack of the Replacing Alien Dildos is offered with discounted rates. This book was published on 5th April.For more information please visit

Girls Carrying Books (publisher)
Moctezuma Johnson (author)
New York, NY