Birmingham Income Property Offers Revitalized Property Investments

Birmingham Income Property, a leading real estate service in Alabama, offers revitalized property investments. The company talks about their property listings and services on their website.


[Hoover, 6/26/2014] – Birmingham Income Property, a premier real estate firm in Alabama, provides businesses and investors new opportunities through a revitalization project of a range of properties. Through this, they also address the demands for Single Family Residences (SFR) and Multifamily (MF) in strategic locations across Birmingham.


Revival Of The Real Estate Landscape

Birmingham Income Property explains that after years of industrial collapse, the city has struggled to attract businesses and investments from outside the state, and even from its own region. To revive the real estate business, they take a proactive approach by delivering a revitalization project of various properties. This decision has helped the city come to life once again with new property investments.

As the city’s real estate landscape progresses, businesses are starting to establish fresh and new scenes with an increasing number of people moving and settling in the area. These developments also lead to a boost of the industry, creating high hopes for local and foreign businesses.


Excellent Property Database

The company features a range of rental properties in the metropolitan area, giving businesses and investors alike top-of-the-line options for their ventures. They acquire SFR and MF properties in designated neighborhoods included in the Revitalization Project, which are strategically located across  Birmingham.

Apart from the reliable property listings, the company has spearheaded property renovations and upgrades through the years. The units under their banner undergo a thorough evaluation and inspection by a team of experts and property management staff. Committed to providing excellent services, they perform all the necessary repairs and upgrades, transforming existing units to income-producing properties.

Birmingham Income Property takes pride in playing a significant role in reviving the real estate business across the city. They have enhanced and upgraded potential investments and opportunities, drawing an increase in the demand of property investments.



For over 30 years, Birmingham Income Property LLC (BIP) is one of the trusted real estate companies based in Birmingham, Alabama. The company is formed through reliable partnerships among four individuals, gearing towards unparalleled services. They provide a variety of real estate services to their existing investor base, and a growing list of properties for prospective clients, who are seeking a secure return in the Single Family Home and Multifamily investment arena.

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