Some Simple Rummy Game Terms For An Introduction!

The thing about the game of rummy is that most of us have heard it being spoken of if not played it at one stage of our lives. That is because rummy is not just the name of one single game but actually the name given to a group of games that are played the world over. Believed to have been derived from the word rum as being a jolly good game this game has one simple mode of playing that is followed in most formats of the game. This rule is that of picking up a card first and then discarding one (the card that is discarded could either be the card you picked up or another card entirely).

If you are getting ready to start playing rummy games online, it is best that you be aware of some simple but essential terms that are used in the game. These include:

Deck: A deck in this case refers to a pack of cards consisting of 52 cards (with 13 cards of each of the 4 symbols) and one printed joker.

Cutting: This is something that a player is asked to do before the distribution of cards to ensure fair and proper distribution.

Dealing: Dealing refers to the distribution of the cards that are done to all the rummy game players.

Joker: A joker comes in two avatars – one is the printed joker that is part of the deck and the other is joker of the game that is picked at the start of each game.

Declare: Declaring is the thing you do when you are wanting to display the cards as a complete show or when someone else makes a successful and confirmed show.

Show: Show is the act of putting all the thirteen cards that are given to you in acceptable sequences and sets to make a show, which in rummy games means that you have won once the show is validated and accepted as correct.

Deadwood: These are cards that the non-winning players hold in their hands that are not used in sequences and sets.

Sequence: A sequence is Indian rummy is three or more cards in a continuous sequence of the same suite. This could either be entirely natural (without joker) or with the use of a joker.

Set: A set is a collection of three or four cards of the same number/ picture of different suites. A set cannot be more than four cards.

As you can see a rummy games are based on some simple terms and some simple rules that make the game very easy to learn. However, the root of the rummy game’s popularity lies in the fact that in spite of its simple roots, the game requires some skills and some complex maneuvering to play and win. To start playing rummy card games one has to be well versed with all the rules of the game but that is not all. Once you are sure of the rules, you will need to start building a rhythm and your own strategy to play and win the game.