Abyssal Sanctuary – Remnants Of The Damned Now Launched On Amazon



The book ‘Abyssal Sanctuary – Remnants of the Damned’ written by the author Gavin Hetherington has been launched on Amazon recently.


The mystery book is now ready to raise goose bumps on the reader’s skin. The story of the book stays in the city of Lakefield View.


One of the book reviewers said, “The book has been written in a very dramatic way. The story of the book has an essence of mystery and horror since the beginning and continues till the end. Readers who get entertained with the horror stories will definitely like the book”.


The city of Lakefield View seems to be doomed. The city with diminishing saints is also losing the citizens by unknown sources. The people of the city are getting killed on the road and the viewers are not able to help them in any way. Nobody is able to understand that is it the spell of the witches or the work of any psychopath.


A reader of the book says, “I have gone through the first few pages of the book and felt it to be quite interesting. The mystery in the book is continued to each and every page and it delivers real fear and made me feel shaken up at regular intervals. It is an extremely thrilling book that has come up with the proper proportion of story, action, thrill and emotions.  The thrill and emotion are also described in a way that will increase sensation in people”.


The story comes to a balance when five workers of a picture café witness the sudden death of their family member. After the incident, they travel a long way of mystery search and struggle that come to an end. The end is a conclusion that the reader has to find and feel. The end of the story is mainly the entertaining part of the book.


The book has been launched on Amazon and is being provided at a cheaper rate and with discount. It also has provided the preview of the book in a PDF format so that the people can go through the preview before buying the entire book.


About Abyssal Sanctuary


Abyssal Sanctuary is a story written by the author Gavin Hetherington that is full of mystery, horror and thrill. The story intends to entertain the readers with its horrifying situations and dramatic scenarios. The book can be previewed at



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