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United States of America; 03/07/2014: The advancement in technology has helped businesses in maximizing their profit margin in more ways than one. Every multinational company and even local companies have a website of their own. The websites are an online support system to their businesses. These websites are nothing less than their online offices to generate revenue. Due to an increase in competition it has become significant for businesses to ensure a smooth functioning of their websites. Consequently, the selection of web hosting service provider is equally important. The traditional methods more often doesn’t ensure best performance in terms of handling website traffic and protecting the site from illegal attacks. Businesses and individuals who have the ambition of taking the next big step in the web platform can use the services of Layeronline. The company specializes in offering top-class hosting services.

Different businesses may have different set of requirements. Every business operates in its own kind of environment. As a result, their needs and demands tend to vary. There is also no dearth of web hosting services ready to take up the challenges. Professionals who have prior experience and practice of handling these challenges are a firsthand choice with many. Layeronline is equipped with dedicated professionals who have the knowledge; expertise and experience to ensure the investment of their customers receive the right kind of returns which at times could be beyond their expectations.

The company also offers domain services. The customers can choose from more than seventy domain extensions along with country specific extensions. These domains receive all round support from the Layeronline specially built servers. Consequently, the user obtains the swiftest response from the closest nameserver. Latest technologies of web hosting are offered by the company to enhance the website performance. Their hosting services cover areas such as blogs, forums, wordpress, drupal, joomla, PhpBB, and more.

Customers can breathe of sign of relief knowing that no compromises are made in terms of security of their websites. These web platforms are strengthened to block malware injection, SQL injection and wide range of illegal and undesirable requests. Performance optimization is done through their cloud hosting platform. As a result, the website flies higher in SEO performance and SERP.

Layeronline is offering 50% discount on domain registration and hosting services for United States Independence Day celebrations. The company aims to provide swift, safe and dependable service to ensure customer satisfaction. The customer care team offers assistance 24 hours round the clock. Many other complimentary facilities are provided alongside the mainstream web hosting services.

About Layeronline:

Layeronline is dedicated to offering highest standards of web hosting and domain registration services at reasonable prices. The company caters to the needs of various modern businesses in many countries with its knowledgeable staff.