Increasing Environmental Concerns Drive the Drilling Waste Management Market

Drilling activities are increasing year-on-year, which generates drilling waste that contains a variety of toxic chemicals and heavy metals. When discharged into unlined pits, these toxic substances can seep into the soil and may contaminate the groundwater, which is significantly hazardous to the environment. Hence, the demand for waste management services such as solids control, containment & handling, and treatment & disposal are on a rise.

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Solid Control Market:
Solid control is a technique used in a drilling rig to separate the solids in the drilling fluids that are crushed by the drill bits and carried out of the well surface. Growing environmental legislation increases the importance of employing efficient and reliable methods to meet waste reduction. Solid control systems are used for the treatment of waste streams which are released from drilling operations or industrial processes, hence reducing adverse impact on environment and the cost associated while disposing waste.

Containment and Handling Market: 
Containment and handling is concerned with the collection of waste that contains fluid and cuttings from the solid control system. The fluids generated from drilling activities may contaminate shallow ground water. Environmental clean-up of these contaminants released can be a costly and time consuming process, making prevention of released contaminants vitally important. Hence, containment and handling is an important process in managing waste.

Treatment & Disposal Market: 
Treatment and disposal refer to changing the chemical, physical, and biological characteristics of waste in order to minimize the threat to the environment. Each year millions of barrels of drilling waste are generated during the process of drilling oil & gas wells which are hazardous to environment. Hence, with increasing drilling activities, more and more waste is generated, which requires an appropriate treatment and disposal process.

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