Entrepreneur, Charitable and Wealth Planning Specialist, and Former Leadership Trainer, Barry H Spencer Featured On


Entrepreneur, Charitable and Wealth Planning Specialist, and Former Leadership Trainer, Barry H Spencer Featured On


Barry H Spencer was recently featured in and other major online media outlets, including AP Newsroom, Atlanta Business Chronicle, Reuters, MarketWatch and many others.


Atlanta, GA – June 15, 2015 --- Barry H Spencer is an entrepreneur, Charitable and Wealth Planning Specialist and former leadership trainer and consultant. A feature story about Mr. Spencer was seen on CNBC, as well as other major online publications such as The Street, Reuters, MarketWatch and Yahoo Finance, among many others.


After receiving his Master’s in Education and Leadership, Barry’s extensive work in the non-profit world led him into a pioneering career providing leadership training and coaching which eventually expanded internationally.


Now a top-rated author, sought after Financial Educator and business owner, Barry inherited more from the elder Spencer than his entrepreneurial spirit and DNA that is hard-wired for achievement through service to others. He also received what he calls a “deathbed charge” from his dad in April 2007 before his father passed away at the age of 62. Barry in partnership with his long-time friend, well-respected businessman and CPA Scott Noble joined forces to help wealthy families remove the regrets wealth can create as a result of traditional approaches to financial and estate planning.


In his book, The Secret of Wealth With No Regrets, Barry shares that creating wealth is just the first phase of the journey, but keeping it, enjoying it and making it last generationally is where the greatest meaning of wealth can happen.  The insightful work includes practical tips and insights that are woven together along with the sharing of his personal experience of a wealth preservation and transfer plan that didn’t work.


Spencer and Noble have also written a powerful report that serves as a self-assessing guide for smart millionaires who want to get their financial and estate matters done right, “The 7 Regrets Wealth Creates and How To Avoid Them.” Key “Regrets” include: Paying more in taxes than you have to, living with the fear of not having enough, wondering if you’ve done everything you can to put your wealth in proper order, and not giving as much as you could have to the causes that are dearest to them.


At the end of the report, Barry and Scott make an exceptional offer to readers—a no-obligation and no-pressure, 57-Minute Lifestyle and Retirement No Regrets Conversation. It’s an interactive experience that allows couples who have accumulated enough resources to have the option to retire, to gain greater insight into their concerns, better understand potential opportunities in their unique situation and what step to take next.  The result is a picture of a brighter future focused on what matters to them most and knowing a simple next step to take that would benefit them and their situation.


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Currently Barry actively services wealthy families who want to accomplish more with their wealth for their family and the causes that matter to them deeply.  He has also written or contributed to several books including: Giving Transforms You!: 52 Ways Giving Transforms You, Your Family, Your Business and Your Community; and Serving Leader. For access to more resources go to,





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