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RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, CALIFORNIA – April 11th, 2014 – America today is facing one of the most challenging situations of all times, Obesity. 80% of the primary care doctors’ visits are related to ailments caused due to lifestyle issues or poor lifestyle habits. The Get America Fit Foundation was founded by Dr. John Spencer Ellis with a mission to educate and inspire all Americans, young and old to live a life full of health, happiness and wellness with the help of regular exercise and lifestyle enhancement. GAFF invites all fellow Americans who wish to contribute towards this healthy cause.

GAFF’s current projects range from $500 -$2000. Individuals, businesses, families, fitness professionals, health care specialists and many more can join GAFF for free and make a pledge now. They can join the program and become “The Gold Ambassador” and help GAFF reach the 100,000 goal. “If you want to make a proactive change in your life and those around you, we encourage you to join us in creating a better world today”, says Dr. John Spencer Ellis, founder of GAFF. “Our team of Gold Ambassadors will be part of the most effective foundation to generate a dynamic impact on the lives of so many kids and adults who need and deserve our help. We are determined to get America fit” adds John.

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The Get America Fit Foundation, based at Rancho Santa Margarita, California is a non-profit organization founded by Fitness and Personal Development Guru, Dr. John Spencer Ellis. The Foundation aims at making the Americans fit by providing fitness education, fitness and recreation equipment to underfunded schools.

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