New eBook Holds the Secret to A Longer, Healthier Life!

This new ebook is a tool to educate people about the importance, function and benefits of our body’s most important antioxidant; Glutathione. The Master Antioxidant Glutathione takes a fresh look at medical books, it is comprehensive and filled with fantastic information without being dry or hard to understand.

Put in layman’s terms, it’s aim is to inform readers about the benefits of Glutathione as well as provide in depth advice on how to best supplement GSH levels.

Glutathione has the ability to add years onto a persons life, promote their energy levels and well-being, prevent disease, and aid in the treatment of virtually every health condition known. The first step to better health is better understanding the power of Glutathione.

Importance of Glutathione

Glutathione is a little known antioxidant that is responsible for all life on our planet, responsible for the well-being and function of every living cell. Doctor Oz aptly calls Glutathione “The most powerful antioxidant that you have never heard of.”

If it is so powerful and beneficial for our health, why have so few people heard of it? Because medical professionals simply do not know enough about it. Coupled with the fact that it is available in a nutritional supplement known as Acetyl Glutathione, it is not in the best interests of big drug companies to promote a supplement that will dramatically improve the health of their loyal customers. As it has been said many times, big pharmaceutical companies are not in the healthcare business, they are in the sick care business.

“This book will help thousands of people achieve optimal health.” – John Cooper

The Authors Goal

To provide a complete and up to date resource for people trying to learn about Glutathione and better health.

“Almost every book out there on Glutathione has information that is either out of date or it is lacking entirely. It seems the ebooks available are all vessels to promote a product line, cheap promotional tools that offer very little value to the reader.” – Jeffrey Sutton, Author of The Master Antioxidant Glutathione

This is a single complete resource for anyone to better understand the benefits of Glutathione as well as how to supplement it effectively.

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Jeffrey Sutton
San Francisco, California