San Diego Parking Lot Sweeping & Cleaning Services

SD Sweeping is provides best San Diego parking lot sweeping services for shopping centers, hotels, office buildings & malls. For more info, please call us now at (760) 563-8778.

It is imperative to keep our surroundings free of dirt as they may just end up in the air or in the water causing severe damage to people. SD Sweeping also works along with the community in preventing storm water run-offs, which shows our dedication to our city and its people.

SD Sweeping has a mission to provide excellent services to all its clients. We work hard to deliver the best service that you deserve and have certain promises to uphold.

  • We develop long-term relationships with our customers and strive to expand our market through technological advancement, environmental awareness and Best Management Practices (BMPs).
  • We are devoted to providing exceptional service to anyone who requires it.
  • We abide by the philosophy to offer our services with reliability, integrity and quality.
  • We, at San Diego Sweeping, encourage and foster a working environment that is conducive to high efficiency, teamwork and pride.

SD Sweeping offers sweeping of shopping centers, hotels, office and commercial parks, homes, streets, highways, parking lots and more. Municipalities, homeowners’ associations, construction managers and property managers consider power sweeping a best management practice (BMP). It shows fruitful and immediate returns with both clients and residents. Sweeping affects many facets of a property like risk management, property upkeep, asset management and environment management. This is all possible with our modern, regulatory and heavy-duty trucks and trained, professional driver/operators.

As San Diego started to develop exponentially, the economy and quality of life of its people also started to improve, which in turn, caused pollution, accuservicesmulation of dirt and dust, which polluted the air and threatened our water resources. SD Sweeping provides BMPs to all customers and complies with environmental regulations. We feel that it is our duty and honor to preserve our natural resources like streams, rivers, lakes, bays, oceans and other water bodies.

Even though sweeping seems simple, in reality it is a complex process and requires careful planning and implementation. Different purposes and areas require different equipments to do the job and several factors need to be considered when deciding which type of sweeper will be most suitable. Some of these factors are:

  • Sweeping frequency in the area
  • Type and amount of debris
  • Weather conditions
  • Air and broom sweepers are equally useful in cities and highways
  • Large air sweepers are suitable for lighter debris loads
  • Heavy debris loads require broom sweepers

There are many reasons for keeping your environment clean. Clean parking areas and sidewalks are attractive and cheerful. If you are shop owner, it is imperative that you keep these areas clean because research shows that these factors affect where people shop. When you sweep your parking area regularly, you help minimize the amount of pollutants in your storm water stream.

SD Sweeping offers San Diego cleaning services to real estate industry as well. Location is one of the most important factors that determine whether a property has a good value or not. A well-maintained neighborhood also speaks well for the property and tells prospective buyers that the community is taken care of and people are proud of their space. Power sweeping keeps your environment safe and helps maintain a lower insurance rate for your community.

Street and highway sweeping is a BMP and reduces pollution to a large extent. Regular sweeping helps with your safety, and keeps your environment healthy. It prohibits accumulation of pollutants on roadways and thus reduces the risk of accidents and allergies caused by dust particles.

SD Sweeping helps divert millions of pounds of dirt, dust and debris away from civilization every year to keep the air we breathe and water we drink clean and wholesome. It is our agenda to keep San Diego beautiful and leave a city we are proud of to our next generation.

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