Retractable Banner Stands and Other Signage Are a Practical Alternative to Marketing On the Internet

Brooklyn, NY, January 21, 2014- Mega Format is positioning its services, manufacturing large format banners for businesses of any size, as an affordable and practical alternative to Internet advertising for small and midsized businesses.

"More and more companies are moving their advertising budgets into Internet marketing and leaving some customers out of the loop. Our retractable banner stands and signage printing is built to connect with actual consumers and get them into stores to make sales," said David Herskovitz, CEO of Mega Format.

For many the availability of Web marketing has opened up new opportunities for online retail or building brand recognition. Many smaller businesses that still build most of their sales on actual foot traffic in stores on the other hand have struggled to figure out the best way to make this kind of advertising work for them.

By contrast Mega Format has been producing backlit displays and other signage for businesses of every size for several years. The purpose of many of these signs is to connect with foot traffic in and around retailers or to assist salespeople trying to bring in new business.

Mega Format is highlighting its services as an affordable alternative to marketing tools like Web based pay per click ads that some have complained can create unnecessary costs without generating credible leads. While Web marketing has been incredibly successful for some businesses traditional stores have consistently proven to get real results from quality signage.

Companies can order a wide variety of large format banners made to their own specifications directly from Mega Format's website, Business owners hoping to price signage can contact the company directly at 718-855-2627. The company also maintains accouns on Twitter at , and on Facebook at For more information the company also has a blog at