Croakies® Launches Consumer-Focused “Everyday Adventures” Campaign

Jackson, Wyo., April 12, 2016 Croakies, the manufacturer of industry-leading outdoor retention products, is excited to announce the launch of its “Everyday Adventures” brand campaign.

Croakies’ Everyday Adventures campaign will leverage social media content and print and digital advertising to celebrate the diverse interests of its consumers, while encouraging them to share their own everyday experiences through social media.

With its portfolio of outdoor retention products, Croakies has built a reputation as a brand closely aligned with serial outdoor enthusiasts such as professional anglers, river guides, and ski patrollers; however, the brand is as at home outfitting backpackers and family car campers, leisurely hikers and music festival goers, first time boaters and water sport enthusiasts, and just about any other form of everyday adventurer there is. With a growing product line that includes belts, dog collars and leashes, and now guitar straps, in addition to its core eyewear retainer products, Croakies’ Everyday Adventures campaign is as well an opportunity for the brand to showcase the vast environments in which its products are used.

“At our core, we make products that promote an active lifestyle and an appreciation for the outdoors,” stated Chris McCullough, Croakies VP of Marketing. “Our products are for everyone, and as individuals, we all embrace adventure in our own unique way, not defined based on a predetermined set of guidelines. This is what makes a Croakies consumer so unique, and this campaign was designed to celebrate that. It’s about inclusion, sharing our collective passions, aspiring to be our best, and embracing the diversity of our everyday adventures.”

Croakies’ Every Adventures campaign is already underway through a series of print ads designed to call attention to the campaign. Planned social media launch activations are set to kick off this month with accompanying event outreach to follow in the months ahead. To join the campaign celebrating the adventurer in all of us, Croakies encourages you to share snapshots of your own everyday adventures through social media, using the hashtag #croakiesadventure and to follow Croakies on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter through @Croakies.

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About Croakies®

Often imitated but never duplicated, the original Croakies were invented in 1977 by a local ski patrolman from Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Wyoming. Today, Croakies is still proudly headquartered in Jackson Hole, with most of its production in Bozeman, Montana. With Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks as a backyard, the brand’s inspiration remains unchanged: to create best-in-class retention products that inspire everyday adventure and provide comfort, style, durability, and functionality to active people of all ages. For more information about Croakies and its latest product line, please visit or follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter using @croakies.


Media Contact: Chris McCullough – Croakies VP of Marketing – - (206) 450-7028