Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice: Download and Play This Arcade Game For Free

CritterMap Software LLC recently launched and developed Air Hockey Penguins: Snow and Ice in the Goggle Play Store, a game that is about the penguins that run and race to stop the puck and serve as mallets. The penguins turn into an “angry birds” once they lose the play.

Air Hockey Penguins has three air hockey themes: Penguins play on Arctic ice with winter snow and rocks. On air, penguins run, glide, and race for the puck. This is cute and fun for kids.

-Neon Glow: hockey in the dark with high speed glow effects.

- Classic board: for a hockey game on deluxe hardwood.

-Feel the air hockey action: Integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects

-Sound effects and arcade game style music.

-Gameplay based on realistic physics for puck and mallet.

-Sparks, snow, glow, and other particle effects

For the 1 Player gameplay, it is against the AI Penguin or mallet.
For the 2 Player gameplay, it is against someone on the same tablet or phone.

This play can be fun in the wintertime, Christmas, or any time of the year. It gives the gamer the opportunity to play rea-like hockey that one don’t have to go to arcade or get his own table to play. Air Hockey Penguins can both be played on Android smartphone and tablet pc as well as in Intel processor devices.

Moreover, these penguins are not related with Pittsburg hockey team or any other team from the NHL or Canadian Hockey League. Enjoy tinkering your Android devices by downloading and playing it now!

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