Human Papillomavirus Infections Pipeline Analysis

Human Papillomavirus Infections Pipeline Analysis is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. Currently there is significant amount of research being undertaken to study the process of HPV infection causing precancerous changes in normal cells. Also, methods to prevent and manage this situation are also being analyzed. A majority of these studies were previously focusing on cervical cells in women. But in recent years, the realm of research has been extended to other tissues also in which HPV may cause cancer, such as the oropharynx and anus. Also, many organizations are analyzing the use of second-generation preventive vaccines along with therapeutic HPV vaccines, which could possibly prevent the development of cancer among women previously infected with HPV. Such an “ideal” vaccine strategy would combine a preventive and therapeutic vaccine, which would help in a major way.
The mechanism of the HPV vaccines is similar to the other immunizations which help in protecting against viral infections. It has been observed and analyzed that the unique surface components of HPV have the capability to create an antibody response which could possibly protect the human body against infection. These components could thus be used as a basis of the vaccine. There are only 2 HPV vaccines which are currently marketed across the globe. Both these vaccines are prepared using the recombinant technology, which is taken from purified L1 structural proteins which self assemble to form HPV type-specific empty shells or virus-like particles (VLPs).
Since there are no therapeutic HPV vaccines available at present which have proved their efficiency in the clinical trials, there is still a lot of work which is required in this field, thus opening a large window of opportunities. There have been some technological advancements in the past 4-5 years. The future is also likely to continue to witness similar technological and medical success in terms of new drugs and efficient vaccines, with the help of adequate funding. Certain developments like a new treatment to reduce transmissibility in drug users and new efforts to strengthen the immune system have the potential to develop further and provide better healthcare services to the patients in the future. Thus, there needs to be more focus being given to increasing the knowledge and awareness about HPV infections and the ways and methods to treat it, either through drugs or through vaccines.
“Human Papillomavirus Infections Vaccine Pipeline Analysis” Report Highlights:

•  Human Papillomavirus Vaccine Market Overview
•  Marketed Drug Profiles & Patent Analysis
• Clinical Trial Insight by Phase & Country
• Drug Clinical Development Phase: 47
• Suspended & Discontinued Drug Profiles: 46
• Competitive Landscape

Companies Mentioned

Advanced Viral Research
   Biogen Idec,
  Helix BioPharma,
   Merck & Co,
   Valeant Pharmaceuticals

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