Bearing code encoding rules is introduced

A, type codes;

1, the general coding of ball bearing is: 6 classes

2, automotive air conditioning electromagnetic clutch bearing encoded as: BD classes

3, wheel hub bearing code is: the DAC

4, outer spherical bearing coding for; U type

Second, the basic code encoding method:

General basic code is used to indicate the inner diameter of the bearing type, diameter, width and type, for a maximum of five digits, points discussed are as follows:

1, the bearing inner diameter with basic code right first, H a digital representation.

The common d = 20 ~ 480 mm inner diameter bearing diameter is commonly in multiples of 5, the two figures show that the bearing inner diameter size is 5 except the quotient, such as 4 d = 20 mm; D = 12 said 60 mm,SKF 6206 Bearing and so on. For the inner diameter of 10 mm, 12 mm, 15 mm and 17 mm bearing, inner code followed by 00, 01, 02, 03. For bearing diameter less than 10 mm and greater than 500 mm, inner diameter otherwise stated in the said method, can see the GB/T272-93.

2, the diameter of the bearing series with basic code right up the third digital representation.

For example, for the centripetal bearing and angular contact bearings, 0, 1, said extra light series; 2 said light series; 3 said in series; 4 said heavy series. Thrust bearing, except in 1 extra light series is consistent with the rest of the centripetal bearing said.

3, the width of the bearing series with basic code right up the fourth digit said.

When the width diameter series contrast as 0 series, for most of the bearing in the code doesn't mark the width in the series code O, but for spherical roller bearings and tapered roller bearings, the width of the series code 0 should be marked. And diameter series code and width size code referred to as series code.

4, bearing type code using basic code right fifth Numbers (for cylindrical roller bearings and needle roller bearing type code for letters).

For example:

(1) the general basic code by the type of ball bearing series code + code + size of inner diameter symbol.

Example: 6-6204 type code 2 - size series code 04 -- -- -- -- -- - inner code

(2) the car air conditioning electromagnetic clutch bearing the basic type of code by the inner diameter size code + code + code + width size of outside diameter size

Example: 35 bd5020 35 - diameter symbol, BD -- -- -- -- -- -- -- type code, 50 -- -- -- -- -- -- -- od codes, codes of 20 - width size

(3) the wheel hub bearing basic code by the type code + code + code + outside diameter size diameter width size of code.

Example: DAC40740042 DAC - 40 - type code inside diameter size code 74 -- -- -- -- -- outside diameter size code -- -- -- -- -- the width size 42 code