The NFL’s Play 60 Challenge takes on the Inner City

National Football League

Erin Garnes, Public Relations Coordinator


Interview contact: Rodger Goodell, Commissioner

                                            The NFL’s Play 60 Challenge takes on the Inner City

                        Increasing Awareness and Making Changes Nation-Wide in Inner Cities


  • The National Football League has announced that they will be revitalizing their NFL play 60 challenge

  • Will focus on underprivileged children beginning in Baltimore and working their way nationwide.

  • The goal is to reach out to inner city children and encourage them to take part in physical activity but feel safe doing so.

  • This event will take place for a week in each city.

  • First step will be a fundraising event open to the public which will raise money to go towards transportation and food for the children and their parents.

  • The tour will start the first week in June and will end the last week in August

  • By the end of the tour the NFL hopes to be able to fund multiple recreational centers for the inner city kids.

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  • “We hope The Play 60 Challenge: Revitalized will change the lives of young kids living in rough neighborhoods across the nation” Rodger Goodell, NFL Commissioner

  • “The American Heart Association wants everyone to be able to get involved and stay active regardless of where they live” Mariell Jessup, M.D., President.

  • “ Having a safe place for our children to go and play and exercise as well as learn about health is very important to our community and we thank the NFL for partnering with us to establish this project” Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, Baltimore City Mayor

  • “The most important thing for these kids to understand is we want the best for them and we want to help them establish a great physical life and stick with being active. I grew up in a rough neighborhood so I know how it feels to not feel safe but I believe we can provide a great experience for these great kids” Ray Lewis, Former Baltimore Ravens Middle Linebacker.

Twitter Pitch: NFL Play 60 Challenge: Revitalized event registration goes live this Monday April 28, 2015! Don’t miss out on this opportunity to change lives #Play60

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