Ottawa, April  2013- The chief marketing officer of announced today for its ever increasing strong clientele of valued consumers, a plethora of fishing equipments being available. These equipments will definitely prove to be a godsend for the amateurs and professionals in the domain of fishing. Backed by modern technology, years of scientific research and accurate testing at the water bodies, and embracing the recent technical know-how, this equipment to aid fishing are now more improved than ever. So, what the consumers are about to experience now is something they have never seen or experienced before. The company is actually determined to arm a fishing enthusiast with finest quality fish finder to locate the fishes underwater, and equip them with smart fishing rods and reels.

Newly available products are extremely reliable and of high performance. So, freshwater trolling or lake trolling is made even easier to locate fish keeping the bait just at the right place. The modern trolling motors are built to provide excellent hand and foot control, high resistance to impact, high-speed, no-noise and non-corrosive sturdy shaft that is destined to stay almost forever. Fishes will not hear a fisherman approach them, even to the slightest extent. So, bigger challenges of catching a large-sized fish are not a cumbersome task any more. Kota motor made available to the consumers is going to amaze them, and they would become brand-loyal. The advantages of such motor will make fishing a simple job. These motors are constructed by paying a complete attention to the very minute details, and by utilizing materials that can withstand maximum rigors. Technologies like auto pilot furnish uninterrupted fishing and an advantageous position over current and wind.

The new range of products would be of fair price, the chief marketing officer further added. Going by its principles, the supplier of fishing equipments to all the 48 US states,  we will continue to strive to offer a nice experience to the enthusiasts of fishing at an amazingly low price-range. Interested consumers are requested to call the customer care representatives today at 1-(800)-383-5156. For a detailed communication and for receiving suitable answers to all the queries, consumers can send an email at To view all the prices, functions and features of the improved products, they also have the option to view, register and shop by clicking at

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