Get the latest information on Boiler Grants

Boiler Grants, a endeavor conceptualized and funded by different Government authorized bodies like British Gas, SSE, Scottish Power and other subsidiaries to make redefine the energy needs of the people and the website is as a platform which gives you intricate details regarding the eligibility to qualify for this grant scheme, or if you are entitled for a replacement of a boiler or home insulation.

The focus of this scheme is to save energy and provide energy to the people residing in the domain of England, Wales, and Scotland which is cost effective and functional. It is an endeavor which is based on humanitarian grounds to help many fuel poor homes whose life has become a nightmare due to energy and financial constraints and have to struggle to keep their homes warm, their children have health related issues due to chilling cold, their outdated heating boilers have become defunct and non functional and are in a desperate need for a new boiler which is functional and energy saver.

The Boiler grants are a boon for the people from the lower strata of the society. The structuring of this scheme is based on the information provided by you and it is designed after evaluating your background like  if you fall in the tenant or home ownership category, if you are entitled for child tax credits or state pension credits or if you are operating a non condensing gas boiler, if your home is well heated by a central heating system which has the capacity to keep you warm during the chilling winters, all these factors are duly evaluated and analyzed and based on these facts your eligibility for the Boiler grants is decided. 

The cost of the Boiler and the installation charges of the same are borne by the authorized body and even a Warranty is offered to you by the manufacturer.

The boiler fund is open for different categories like home owners, tenants, single parents, lower income groups  and this scheme was launched in the year 2013 by the Energy Company Obligation (ECO), to reduce the consumption of energy in the United Kingdom and offer grants to people who live below the poverty line and a staggering sum of 1.3 billion dollars is spent for funding Boiler grants.

You may check out the website which has all the details in terms of your eligibility to avail the Boiler grants and you may fill an online application, providing all your personal details like your name, age, marital status, single parent, divorcee, your annual income, if you are tenant or own the house, the boilers you are presently using and the date of their installation, the number of children you have, if you are entitled and availing other grants from the governments etc.

After a careful evaluation of all your details, our team will get in touch with you for all your boiler grant requirements which is provided free of cost if you are eligible for the same.