Empower Network Review: Updated for April 2014

What is it about Empower Network that has created so much hype and controversy? Small business coach, Nicholas Eracleous sets the record straight.

To start off, Empower Network has been growing very fast since 2011 and is now a nine figure company and one of the largest internet marketing companies in the world.

Nicholas Eracleous gets straight to the point and says, "Empower Network is by no means a scam. It's the greatest company I have ever worked with and its products have certainly doubled my business since joining in September 2013."

Empower Network offers products that include: internet marketing tools, education, resources  and training. In addition their is a powerful business opportunity.

David Sharpe and David Wood (founders of Empower Network) decided to create a new age internet marketing company. One thing the didn't like was the small percentage that other companies paid out in commissions. So they decided to change that...

Therefore, they decided to pay out 100% commissions on its products. So why then do certain critics call this fast growing company that pays these commissions a scam?

The truth lies that certain critics in writing their Empower Network Review try to present Empower Network as a simple recruiting scheme company. "This is not the case, there are products and you do not have to sell the Empower brand. Some choose to simply use the products to expand their existing business, others (including me) choose to resell the brand and make the commissions. Also, as Empower Network has gained publicity lately many add the word "scam" to their reviews as a means of attracting people to read their articles and try sell them their own affiliate products", says Nicholas Eracleous.

The other problem is that certain marketers that join don't put in the work and then fail and say the company didn't treat them well. No one is promising a get-rich-quick scheme. As with anything you have to work at it.

"In my opinion, Empower Network is a movement. If you are looking to change your life, are willing to put in the work, then you can succeed and even more, I'd be happy to coach you and help you. Empower Network has certainly changed my life and given me the flexibility to  work from home, when I want and how I want," adds Nicholas.

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