David Knight,Sr. of The Christian Social Netowrk nominated for the CNN Hero Awards 2014 & The Kingdom Builders Gospel Award

uly, 2014 David Knight, Founder and CEO of the Christian Social Network has been nominated for the CNN Hero Award’s 2014 and the Kingdom Builders Gospel Award for his implementation of Miracle Mondays and the development of The Christian Social Network ( As a visionary he saw a need for wholesome social media activity in response he developed the Christian Social Network friendly for family and children to be able to safely interact in a safe social media environment. With the Christian Social Network David Knight has changed lives of the church and religious organization by giving them an outlet to create fund raising opportunities that reach the masses and provide financial assistance to their organizations.  In June, 2014 Knight and the Christian Social Network, launched Miracle Mondays in an effort to assist struggling families worldwide.  Every Monday, Knight and the Christian Social Network help a family in financial distress by awarding them a monetary household contribution in the amount of $250.00.  Knight has made it easy for neighbors to help one another.    His success in business and his accomplishments are exemplary amongst his peers. His life is acclaimed as blessed to be a blessing to others.

The CNN Hero award recognizes everyday people who are changing the world for the better in an extraordinary way.  The Kingdom Builders Gospel Awards is a national awards show that honors Christian, men, women, and youth who exemplify a standard of excellence in carrying out the works of God for the uplifting of His kingdom.  The awards show recognizes pioneers, innovators and trailblazers that are making a difference in individual lives, churches and communities across the nation.  Knight’s continuous dedication to community uplifting is what makes him deserving of both the CNN Hero Award and the Kingdom Builders Gospel Award.  As a result of his success as a Technician, Engineer, and business owner, he was granted 15 minutes of weekly radio airtime to speak about his endeavors as an entrepreneur.  Knight saw this outlet as a way to reach and help build communities outside of his own are, which is what prompted Miracle Mondays

Individuals can anonymously nominate a family in need by logging onto and select Mircale Mondays from the top menu and your nomination femail group explaining any adversities they have witnessed the family facing and .  Nominations only take a minute to complete, just include  a short description of why this family should be nominated. 

                                                             About David Knight

The God Fearing Information Technology (IT) Executive, David J. Knight is the Founder/CEO of Christian Social Network (CSN).  The strong convictions of being a devoted Christian family man prompted David to find a solution to the need for a clean online network for people who are living for Christ. Hence the birth of Christian Social Network.  The creation of CSN also allows David to use his God given talents and unique leadership skills in the area of IT to give back to the body of Christ.  Rather than become upset about the raunchy posts that he saw on worldly social media networks, David shared that the Holy Spirit prompted him to become motivated to use it as an opportunity to create an outlet for Christians in a faith based online atmosphere.    
While born in New Orleans, Louisiana into the Christian lifestyle and loving God all his life, David experienced a reaffirmation of his commitment to the Lord when his daughter begged him to go to Church with the family on Easter Sunday of 1995. The resulting Easter Morning Sermon in the Atlanta Area along with David’s love for the Lord and his family has kept David on the righteous path.  In 2013, David celebrated 28 years of marriage and is the proud father of a 24 year old daughter and an 11 year old son. After spending 21 Years with the United States Marine Corp (12 Active and 9 Reserve) he retired as a Chief Warrant Officer.  David also successfully ventured into the world of IT entrepreneurship.  He is the owner of several successful businesses such as; PFI Strategic Business Solutions, LLC, Merging Technology Partners and The TDR Group, LLC.

David’s professional work experiences span from a technician to the boardroom.  He has worked in IT for the past 25 years in positions such as an entry-level technician to the highest-level engineer.  Not only does David have a wealth of experience, but he also has numerous degrees in IT from an associate’s degree to a master’s degree and has completed several courses towards his doctorate degree.  David has held a plethora of roles in IT leadership such as director and executive.  It is truly evident that all of his professional and educational experiences help to prepare him in his current role of Founder/CEO of CSN. Recently, David unveiled the CSN at 102.5 Praise in the Park, an Atlanta Area local event for Christians hosted by a Gospel radio station in Centennial Olympic Park.  The consistent responses from Christians at this event were that CSN was very well received, and they shared that it was also very much timely and needed.  People were excited to see a social network catered to Christian children and adults of all ages.