Niche Eco-friendly Jewelry

April 14, 2014 Finding top quality, eco-friendly custom jewelry just got easier!  A bustling Dallas-based company by the name of “Colombian Girl Jewelry,” has officially staked its claim as the premiere designer of a wide selection of handmade eco-friendly jewelry for sale.  With a collection that spans the teen jewelry, holiday jewelry, and women’s costume jewelry segments, their "jewelry made from fruit" has been met with growing fascination online and already established a large following of jewelry lovers in the greater Dallas - Fort Worth metroplex.

The company website – – boasts great prices and is overflowing with the vibrant color and exotic appeal of their jewelry, individually handcrafted by a group of Colombian women artisans from fruit and seeds found in the Amazon Rainforest.  Quality and a fresh new look are the company's overreaching goal as each piece is carefully assembled by hand, one seed at a time.  We are talking about all natural fruit and seeds found in the vast Amazon Rainforest, many items containing the same delicious fragrance inherent to their fruit!  What’s more, the company was established as a means to support the Colombian women artisans that actually create the jewelry, many of whom are single mothers or young women without an opportunity for higher education, all striving to make a better life for themselves and family.  The result is “over the top” organic women's jewelry that is eco-friendly, unique, and absolutely beautiful, all founded in sustainable work practices.                

View their entire collection and meet the incredible Colombian women artisans that create it, at their website  All of the company’s products come complete with a liberal return policy.

Colombian Girl Jewelry

PO Box 803073
Dallas, TX 75380