Candidates Gone Wild- Zero Fee Recruiter

Recruiters work with people all day every day. Between reaching out to candidates about job opportunities, phone screen potential hires and meeting with clients, a recruiter is constantly have a conversation or building a relationship with someone. Through all of these meetings, candidate placements and interviews, a few comical and crazy things are bound to occur, some so ridiculous you may not even believe them to be true, which is why you should let the Zero Fee Recruiter team weed out all the crazy people for you, before you begin building relationships with prospective candidates. Here are three stories:

I’m going to try to sum up the incredibleness of this as best as possible. I had a candidate a few years ago fly into Minnesota from Michigan for a final on-site “formality” interview. Pretty much if he just showed up and didn’t thoroughly embarrass himself, he was getting the job. Well, let’s just say he more than thoroughly embarrassed himself and left without an offer, but rather a trail of unforgettable calamities.

Let’s call the candidate Dorf to protect his innocence Dorf started out by meeting the hiring manager at the airport. The hiring manager told Dorf to look for someone in Chicago Bears gear (he was in the heart of Minnesota so he should have been easily identifiable). Dorf walked right past the manager and proceeded to slam into the glass door of the airport face first. He turned around not more than ten feet from the manager in Bears gear and called him to ask where he was, to which the manager replied, “I’m right in front of you.” The events of horror for Dorf were only getting started.

The interview did not start off much better. An employee at the company accidentally had opened the door to the conference room he was interviewing in and Dorf yelled, “HEY GET OUT OF HERE!!!!” and startled the poor young woman. The other employees were horrified.

After the first part of the interview was completed Dorf and the interviewees went to a different room to meet with other managers. As Dorf walked past an empty office one of the employees asked another where the employee was and Dorf chimed in, “He’s probably doing nothing as always.” Dorf has never even met this person.

If you can believe it things actually got worse. When asked what his life goal was Dorf replied, “To sit on the couch, do nothing and have my wife wait on me.” When asked how he deals with conflict Dorf replied, “Hide under my desk and wait for it to fix itself.” I could go on and on with unforgettable quotes, but I think you get the picture.

Needless to say he was not hired, if you can believe it. From that day forward any screw up at the company is known as a “Dorfism.” We did receive a pretty entertaining e-mail from the hiring manager, which summed things up:

Flying a guy to interview for a position…$850

Breakfast, lunch & dinner…$120

Watching the fool walk into a Plexiglass wall…PRICELESS!

Story #2

Once, I was working with a candidate who went to a third interview with a company for a full time position. She was sitting with the CIO and when he asked her how she felt about the company and the position. She answered, “I am so excited I could just wet myself.” She was very surprised she did not get the job.

Story #3

I have been recruiting for a while now, so I have my share of crazy stories. A few Friday’s ago, however, something happened that has never happened to me before. If it didn’t actually happen to me, I don’t think I would be able to believe the story even happened at all.

I submitted a candidate’s resume to a client’s position who was currently working, but wasn’t happy in his present role. He was looking to get back to his hometown, which happened to be five hours away. Despite the candidate living a five-hour drive away, the client requested a face-to-face interview, which made things a little more complicated. The candidate wanted to take the in-person interview on either a Monday or a Friday, so he could ask for a long weekend and would be able to make the long drive to see his potential employer face to face. I was able to secure an interview time for him on a Friday afternoon, which worked great, as he could leave Thursday, drive the five hours, get a good night’s sleep, and arrive to the interview without being rushed.

Well, the interview came and went on Friday afternoon. The candidate called in and said that everything went well and wanted to know if we had any feedback. Here is where things get funky. The client sent us an email regarding the candidate, detailing the post interview activities. When the candidate left his interview, he drove the wrong way in the parking lot and crashed into the manager’s car. Not only did he crash a car, but also when the police arrived, they found him to be operating the car with fraudulent license plates, and no insurance. A tow truck came and took the car away. The kicker is that the candidate called me after everything had happened and told me that he thought the interview went very well. As you can imagine, he didn’t get the job.