Handling Flu Season Call Spikes

The seasonal flu can strike in the United States as early as May, prompting individuals and families nationwide to visit the doctor. In addition to those that are showing symptoms of the flu, many more seek out assistance by getting a vaccine that will keep them healthy throughout the season. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), midseason estimates for the effectiveness of the flu vaccine are 62 percent for children and adults. While this is encouraging, it also means that doctors’ offices and other practices without a phone answering service will be flooded with calls for information about protecting family members from the flu. With the spike in calls, it is important to still maintain a high level of patient care and service quality, but how does a practice manage this?

Understand the Causes

Right off the bat, it is necessary to understand why patients are calling for assistance so that you can anticipate their needs. During flu season, your practice will likely see a surge in calls for information about symptoms, treatments, and vaccines. Additionally, as more and more individuals sign up under the new healthcare law, you will have a rise in activity both in the office and in the number of calls you receive. When you know why people are calling, you are able to quickly answer questions and work through the queue in order to provide the highest quality of care possible.

Be Prepared

When your practice has an influx of calls it is a good idea to track the activity on charts. This way, you can prepare your team by understanding the time of year and points in the day when you are likely to see increased call volume. Spot trends in data provided by organizations such as WHO and CDC to ensure that you are ready when cases of the flu are on the rise.

Enlist the Help of a Phone Answering Service

A phone answering service helps free up your staff so more time can be spent seeing patients rather than answering calls at your office. A service gives you support from experts that meet your discreet, accurate, HIPAA-compliant and medical answering needs. By answering calls from patients with compassion and professionalism, even in after-hours or emergency situations, we can help your medical practice by freeing up key employees. Representatives have experience in several highly demanding medical fields and can support a variety of practices, including clinics and hospitals.

The result is a dedicated team that works with yours to keep patients happy and your personnel productive, especially during a busy flu season.


1. “Q&A Flu Vaccine Effectiveness Estimates for 2013-14 Season,” Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 20 February 2014, Web, 12 June 2014.

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