MarketReportsOnline: Global Nanoclays Market Forecasts to 2025

Main end user markets for nanoclays are packaging, plastics, automotive and rheology modifiers. Secondary markets include academia and research, water filtration, flame retardant materials, medical and biomaterials and paints, pigments, coatings and dyes.

Nanoclays are nanoparticles of layered mineral silicates. Depending on chemical composition and nanoparticle morphology, nanoclays are organized into several classes such as montmorillonite, bentonite, kaolinite, hectorite, and halloysite. Organically-modified nanoclays (organoclays) are an attractive class of hybrid organic-inorganic nanomaterials with potential uses in polymer nanocomposites, as rheological modifiers, gas absorbents and drug delivery carriers.

This 41 page report includes Global Market for Nanoclays, 2010-2025 Nanoclays Market size, production volumes, applications, products, prospects and companies.

Table of Contents

1. The Nanomaterials Market

2. The Global Nanoclays Market
High volume applications
Low volume applications
Novel applications
Stage of commercialization

3. End User Markets For Nanoclays
Market drivers, performance benefits and commercial activities
Barrier packaging
Rheological modifiers
Automotive composites
Flame retardants

4. Nanoclays Producers And Application Developers Profiles

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List of Tables

Table 1: Market summary for nanomaterials production, global production 2014 and prospects by 2025.
Table 2: Global market for nanomaterials 2010-2025, tons/year.
Table 3: Market summary for nanoclays-Selling grade particle diameter, usage, advantages, average price/ton, market estimates, global consumption, main current applications, future applications.
Table 4: Price range for nanoclays.
Table 5: Nanoclays applications-Stage of commercialization from basic concept to mass production.
Table 6: Market summary for nanoclays in barrier packaging.
Table 7: Market summary for nanoclays in rheology modifiers.
Table 8: Market summary for nanoclays in automotive composites.
Table 9: Market summary for nanoclays in flame retardants. Figure 6: Global consumption of nanoclays, 2010-2025, conservative and optimistic estimates.
Table 10: Global consumption of nanoclays, 2010-2025, conservative and optimistic estimates.
Table 11: Main nanoclays producers, products and target markets.

List of Figures

Figure 1: Global market for nanomaterials, 2010-2025, millions tons/year, conservative/optimistic estimates.
Figure 2: Nanoclays structure.
Figure 3: TEM of montmorillonite.
Figure 4: TEM of halloysite nanotubes.
Figure 5: Nanocomposite oxygen barrier schematic.

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