Friends of Coal Unveils New Campaign Alliance Coal welcomes Coal Keeps the Lights On Group

          Friends of Coal launches a new push to educate young adults about the importance of coal

·        The new movement will  hope to have less regulation in the coal industry

·        The new campaign will hopefully achieve more mining in the United States

·        The campaign will hope to attract a younger members



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·        “If we all work together to make coal safer, cleaner and more useable we'll be able to keep working here and our children will more likely stay in Kentucky as they get older, if they have good paying jobs with benefits.”- Daniel Fish, coal miner, Bridge Coal Mine


·        ‘We must get everyone who has an interest in the future of Kentucky enrolled as a Friend of Coal.  We do not want your "money", we want your personal participation.”- Hugh Livingston, Lexington, KY resident


·            “There is no substitute for coal. Replacing the world’s coal powered plants equivalent to 5,000 Hoover Dams”- Martin Leary, West Virginia Vice Governor


·        We need Coal Keeps the Lights on to help us get less regulation in the coal industry.”-Joe Craft, CEO, Alliance Coal


Twitter Pitch: Friends of Coal launches new campaign to seek less regulation from lawmakers and to spread the movement to a younger audience.  The event kicks off at a rally in Lexington, Kentucky on March 1, 2015. 

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