So You Want to Buy a Vineyard?

Anyone looking to get into the wine business basically has two options: Buy raw land and start from scratch, or purchase an existing vineyard. The former is cheaper, but more difficult in terms of obtaining all the necessary permits and planting the right rootstock. And there is always the chance that the land is no good not to mention the years of wait time for vines to produce. Finding a great vineyard is the best, if most expensive, option. Yet it isn't easy either as with all successes require a combination of persistence, timing, and luck. However, if you're interested in owning a vineyard in the Finger Lakes region of New York, luck and timing may very well be on your side!

Situated on "America's First Wine Trail" in the heart of the Finger Lakes nested among scenic waterfalls and panoramic views of Cayuga Lake is the Cayuga Lake Wine Trail offering a unique blend of award-winning wines, scenic waterfalls, and local gourmet eateries and one very special vineyard for sale that seems to have it all.

This Cayuga Lake Vineyard boasts not only a stunning, mature vineyard and winery with a Ralph Lauren look, but also hosts an award winning cafĂ© next to the tasting room featuring a mobile, cooper wood-fired pizza oven complimented by a lovely covered patio overlooking Cayuga Lake and rolling vineyards. The winery has been a member of the Cayuga Wine Trail since its inception and regularly receives 50,000 visitors each year - in fact, the winery receives about 90% of all ticket holders at these events. 

You may be asking yourself what kinds of wines this vineyard produces because we all know that along with owning a vineyard comes drinking the wine...  these mature vineyards produce Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Chardonnay, Cayuga White, Chancellor, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes.  And in fact, the Chardonnay and Cayuga White vineyards are over 40 years old! 

You can drink this all in from you own beautiful home (two to choose from) located on the near 60-acre vineyard which includes a total of 7 buildings that encompasses a two-story post & beam barn, with beautiful rustic interior, that houses wine production & retail sales, as well as an office, a cafe, storage buildings, all wine storage and harvest equipment, and a 1/2 acre pond.  And the owners, who are properly aged like their vineyards, will provide detailed instruction and assistance imparting all their wisdom and detailed wine-making procedures and recipes for wine making.

To learn more about this vineyard and the amazing homesteads that accompany (both are over 2300 sq ft & have great lake views), please contact Al Davidson at or call him directly at 303-638-3400.  You may also visit or visit us on Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you.  Cheers!