Should Duel Arena in Runescape be Removed?

Hey, all RS players. How do you feel about the duel arena? There comes a hot debate whether the duel arena should be removed or not. Here a brief analysis about it is revealed. By the way, if you are in lack of cheap RS gold for sale, come to RSorder.

Removing it isn’t addressing the problem of scammers.

Removing the duel arena cannot address the problem of scammers. There are still people scamming even if you remove it. The RS official should be focused on removing scammers instead of the duel arena where legitimate players may want to stake. 

Also removing staking will just lead to people turning to less organized options such as utilizing the duel anywhere with a third party. The point is that you can never get rid of gambling as long as there is a demand for it. Although it isn't perfect, the current duel arena is the best.

Duel arena is a cesspool of scammers and it should be removed.

The point of the duel arena is supposed to be a place where you can well.

However, the duel arena as a whole is now dead content. Some people go to the duel arena with the intention to stake for money. It has been a gambling arena instead, where bug abusers take advantage.

Also the duel arena is indeed a cesspool, but rather than remove their playground, why don’t we just remove them? Jagex needs to enforce their rules. That is to say, the RS official needs to ban every single person who does scams or anything else that falls outside of the rules.

What is your attitude? Let’s see how the duel arena issue is handled. For cheap Runescape gold for sale, you are welcomed to make purchases with RSorder.