How Important Is The Winery When Buying Wine?

Whenever you talk about the quality of any wine, one of the key issues that will be raised and discussed is the age of the wine. There has been a long standing belief in many parts of the world that the older the wine, the better the quality meaning that wine only continues to get better and sweeter as it continues to age. In fact it is precisely because of this reason that you can find one bottle of wine aged more than 70 years selling for thousands of dollars and a similar bottle of wine aged less than three years selling for less than a hundred. In fact, even the bottle alone in which the first wine was stored would fetch more than the second wine!

Old wine could only have come from old wineries that were established more than a century ago and not the relatively newer wineries such as the Washington DC wineries and the wineries in Maryland. Old wineries are mostly located in parts of the world that have ancient, wine-drinking cultures, something the United States acutely lacks. As such, it is easy to understand why most people would be willing to pay more for wines from wineries outside the sates than they would from wineries in Maryland or Washington D.C wineries.

The wine industry has undergone a significant evolution over the last five decades or so. Today the methods that are used to make wine are far more complex and efficient compared to the methods used in the past. Interestingly, it is the relatively newer winery such as the Washington D.C wineries and the wineries in Maryland that have embraced new methods and wine making technology. Most of the older wineries have chosen to stick to their ancient methods of wine making in the belief that it is these techniques that make the best wine.

There is a bone of contention among some as to these new methods of making wine compared to the ancientwine making techniques to create wine of the best quality. This is a question for wine connoisseurs but, unfortunately, even among this culture there is no clear consensus on which method is better. There are those that believe that the new methods to create wine produces a much smoother, better tasting wine while others hold the view that the ancient methods are the best.

The question of the quality of wine with regards to the wineries from where it came can be answered in two ways. If you hold the view that wine gets better as it continues to age thenyou probably also believe that wine from the oldest wineries is of the best quality. If, on the other hand, you believe that the quality of the wine depends on the techniques that were employed in its making and that modern wine making techniques are better than the ancient methods, then you will be in favor of the wine from the relatively newer wineries.

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