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Researchmoz presents this most up-to-date research on"Department Stores - France - April 2014".The report focuses primarily on quantitative market metrics in order to characterize the growth and evolution of the Remote Patient Monitoring Market.

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This year, our exclusive consumer research asked French consumers:

  • Which department stores they shopped at in the last six months and whether this was online or in-store
  • What product categories they bought from department stores in the past six months;
  • How satisfied they were with a range of elements at department stores

Table of Content

Introduction and Report Scope

Department store definition

Mixed goods retailers

Statutory revenues versus GTV

Financial definitions


Figure 1: Euro to Pound exchange rates, 2008-13

Sales per store, sales per sq m

VAT rates

Figure 2: Europe: VAT rates, 2010-14


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Executive Summary

Consumer spending

Distribution of spending on clothing and beauty

The department store sector

Leading retailers


The consumer: Where they shop

The consumer: What they bought

The consumer: Customer satisfaction

What we think

Spending and Inflation

Key points

Consumer spending: Clothing and beauty are key

Figure 3: France: Spending on key department store product markets, (incl. VAT), at current prices, 2008-13

Economy and consumer confidence

Figure 4: France: Consumer and retail confidence indicator, January 2013-February 2014

Inflation (and deflation)

Figure 5: France: Harmonised indices of consumer prices: Annual % change, Jan 2013-Feb 2014

Figure 6: France: Harmonised indices of consumer prices: Annual % change, 2009-13

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Distribution of Spending on Clothing and Beauty

Key points

Department stores are a major channel in clothing

Figure 7: France: Estimated distribution of spending on clothing, by retail sector, 2013

Figure 8: France: Estimated channels of distribution for personal care products, 2012

The consumer: Where they buy clothing and beauty

Figure 9: France: The consumer: Where they have bought clothing in the past 12 months, August 2013

Figure 10: France: The consumer: Where they have bought beauty products in the past 12 months, November 2013

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