Far From Home- Directed by Galen Knowles, Produced by Phil Hessler

The Unlikely Journey of Brolin Mawejje
Brolin Mawejje, born in the Makindye district of Kampala, is 22 years old and has set his sights on what most would call impossible. Currently an American resident after moving to the U.S. in 2004, Brolin is preparing to become the first African to ever snowboard in the 2018 Olympics while simultaneously applying to medical school. Far From Home is a hybrid documentary that traces Brolin’s troubled past.

The Far From Home Story 
Initiated by two 19 year old college students, Far From Home started as small snowboard project that grew into a feature length film. With the support of industry veterans, the film has transformed into a gripping exploration of one man’s journey to make history. Phil & Galen have headed all areas of the creating the film, from fundraising to production.

Sep - Dec 12’ - Filmed initial teaser, assembled team and advisory board of over 20+ students and industry veterans
Mar 13’ - Hosted event at Westminster College where teaser was debuted (300+ in attendance)
May 13’ - Raised $23,000 on kickstarter to begin production in Uganda
Jun 13’ - Fundraiser and second teaser premier in Jackson, raised $7,000
Jul - Sep 13’ - Production (Boston, Whistler, Argentina, Jackson, Salt Lake)
Nov - Oct 13’ - Raised $15,000 in private donations, partnered with non-profit umbrella
Dec 13’ - Production (Italy for World University Games)
Feb - Apr 14’ - Assembled editing team, Winter Production, Raised $20,000
May 14’ - Production (Uganda) 
Jun - Aug 14’ - Raised $20,000, based out of Jackson Hole editing the film
Sep 14’ - Began Festival Submissions

Present Status
  • The film’s World Premiere will take place at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival at the Arlington Theatre on February 2nd. 
  • With 35 festival submissions out there, are full lineup will be announced mid winter 2015. 

Key Team 
PHIL HESSLER (PRODUCER) Phil’s knowledge and passion for filmmaking combined with a business mindset grew Far From Home into what it is today. An economics student in SLC, he has headed all fundraising. 

GALEN KNOWLES (DIRECTOR) At age 10, Galen’s playstation wound up on the side of the road with a sign marked “for sale”. He bought a camera with his earning and hasn’t looked back since. Ten years later, Galen has a long list of commercial experience and has his first feature under his belt

In the Media

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