HealthWay Pharmacies' Expansion Brings Affordable Medicine to New York

One of Manhattan’s own, Jennifer Brown, is a single mother to a diabetic daughter; a mother that has to work two jobs just to ensure that her family is happy and, most importantly, healthy.

Last year, HealthWay Pharmacies partnered with the New York State Employees Association to provide its members, especially moms like Brown, with prescription drugs that are capable of being sent via mail, known more commonly as mail-order medications. In this time, HealthWay Pharmacies' expansion has lead to significant business growth.

Specifically, HealthWay Pharmacies has seen:

  • The construction of a new shipping and processing facility in lower Manhattan funded by the New York Office of Economic Development
  • An increase of over 4,000 additional prescriptions being filled between the first and fourth quarters
  • 6,674 prescriptions filled during November’s flu season
  • The addition of one million clients
  • 40 new staff members
  • A decrease in the overall number of customer service inquiries  
  • Increase affordability: 90-day Mail-Meds prescriptions are 25 percent below the unit cost of competitor 30-day prescriptions

Numerous individuals have recognized HealthWay Pharmacies' recent accomplishments, namely:

Marsha Robinson, HealthWay Pharmacies CEO

  • “The past 12 months have been truly astounding. I could never have predicted that this transition would occur so smoothly and with such immediate, positive results.”
  • “Despite the success that has come from HealthWay’s expansion, HealthWay’s small-town roots live on, striving to bring its clients the most affordable, trustworthy healthcare. HealthWay’s partnership with the New York State Employee’s Association has provided HealthWay with greater potential to expand their mission across the nation, and through the hard work of the city of New York and HealthWay’s dedicated staff, we have been able to serve existing and new clients better than ever before.”

Robert Smith, Mail-Meds Vice President

  • “Thirty-five percent of the people enrolled in this program are retirees of the New York State Employee’s Association, which helps to ensure that even if individuals are no longer involved in the workforce, they are yet included in the same prescription programs that their friends, families and neighbors are enrolled in."

J.D. Markham, New York State Employees Association Director of Health Insurance

  • “By appealing to all audiences and offering prescriptions at an affordable price compared to competitors, HealthWay continues to attempt to strengthen the community by not only being inclusive of age, but also of financial circumstance,” 
  • “The New York State Employee’s Association is proud to be fostering these relationships alongside HealthWay and we look forward to seeing continued growth over the next three years.”

HealthWay's most recent achievements serve as yet another reminder that when it comes to HEALTH, there's always a WAY.

Twitter pitch: "HEALTH has made its WAY to New York: Details of HealthWay Pharmacies' Expansion"

For more information about how HealthWay Pharmacies’ partnership with NYSEA will affect you, please visit or contact Rachael Keeney, HealthWay Pharmacies Director of Public Relations, at or by phone at 484-358-8710. Interview requests should be directed to Marsha Robinson, CEO at 


Since its founding in 1985, HealthWay Pharmacies ( has been offering walk-in, drive-through and retail services such as beauty, healthcare, hygiene and home products. With over 165 locations across New York, Healthway Pharmacies is one of the three largest pharmacy chains in the state with a vested interest in the latest pharmaceutical technologies that allow for prescriptions to be obtained via mail, phone, fax or email. With people as its focus, Healthway Pharmacies has promoted over 70 percent of its current registered pharmacists and works with over 345 organizations with varying health insurance plans. When it comes to HEALTH, there’s always a WAY.