E-currency affiliate program offers up to 20% commission

3 easy steps to start making more money

7th JULY 2014: E-currency affiliate program offered by ALFACASHIER brings to bloggers and website owners the amazing chance to make quick money online. The user, with minimum effort and investment of his resources can earn handsome returns. Once the affiliate registers for the program, he will be provided with the necessary content required to promote the brand and the product offered by ALFACASHIER.

The promotion content comes in the form of ready to use banners with attractive designs. All the affiliate has to do is insert these banners into relevant promotion spots on his website or blog and start making money. For every exchange transaction that the company makes through customers directed from the affiliate’s page, the affiliate can make anywhere from 5%-20% in commission.

The cool thing about this e-currency affiliate program is that affiliate level of participation will be automatically bumped up based on how fast he reaches the required earnings benchmark.

There are several levels in this e-currency affiliate program with their respective earning slabs. Also, the affiliate can conveniently collect the amount earned through PerfectMoney purse which facilitates easy withdrawal once the amount earned reaches the $100 threshold. Overall it is a very convenient, effective and result oriented platform that helps affiliates make good money.


ALFACASHIER provides automatic exchange of electronic currencies, as well as their input and output using banks. With the success of the E-currency affiliate program, the company invites new affiliates to join the program and open up enhanced possibilities for earning more.

Registration is simple and there is absolutely no paperwork required. To know more about the program, learn about the different levels offered and to get further details, please log onto


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