Save With Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. special offer $25 off on Pool Openings and Closings

Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. a pioneer in the swimming pool repair business, is now providing its customers $25 off on labor charges on pool openings and closings. This special offer is being offered to all customers in the metro Atlanta area.

Established in 1996, Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. operates as the leading pool service provider with a motto of “Your Pool Is Our Business”. The company’s service offerings can be categorized under the following: Pool Inspections, Pool Maintenance, Pool Repair, and Green Pool Clean Up.

According to a company representative, “At Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. we serve our customers with premium pool services and competitive prices. Our focus is to maintain our track record of excellent service, courteous behavior, and long-term relationship development while servicing our customers. Currently, our customers can benefit from $25 off on labor for their pool openings and closings.” 

Pool inspections are one of the main specialties of the company. The technical experts offer thorough and honest appraisals on customers’ pool conditions. With these inspection services, the experts are able to provide both the home buyers and sellers an accurate evaluation of the pool’s structure and all of its systems and components.

In addition, the company’s pool maintenance programs are designed to keep pools looking new for a long time all the while maximizing the life of the various components such as pool pump, filtration system and other costly parts. The maintenance programs can be customized for all budgets. The maintenance service package includes – vacuum pool, net top, clean pool tile, blow deck, empty baskets, balance chemicals, empty pool cleaner, and so on. 

With pool repairs, the company provides the best possible pricing, installation, troubleshooting and completion services. The most common repairs handled include pool pumps and motors, pool filters, heaters, automatic cleaners, green pool clean up, automatic controls, pool covers, and many more.

The company also provides green pool clean ups to customers who experience green pools due to reasons such as foreclosed property, incorrect chemicals, and failed equipment.

The company official further elaborated, “Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. can manage the entire scope of customer’s swimming pool needs. We employ experienced technicians who are equipped to handle varying pool sizes and systems.”

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About Pinnacle Pool Services Inc.

Pinnacle Pool Services Inc. provides Atlanta pool owners with superior pool services such as inspection, maintenance, repair and green clean ups. The company was founded in 1996 and since then has become a pioneer in the swimming pool business. The company’s technical experts constantly draw on their depth of collective experience to keep customer pools running well and handle any repairs quickly and efficiently to minimize any down time. The company’s main aim is to provide superior service to its customers in the metro Atlanta area. 


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