Aureus Medical expert in healthcare careers for new nursing grads sheds light on the job search and travel nursing

Omaha, NE (March 19, 2015) - Nursing is one of the fastest-growing career fields, and the outlook for travel nursing jobs is looking bright. Aureus Medical Group, a nationwide leader in healthcare staffing, discusses new grads and how to prepare for a travel nursing career.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, registered nurse employment is expected to grow 19 percent from 2012 to 2022, considered faster than the rate for all occupations. Clearly, based on these numbers, now is a great time to consider a career in travel nursing.

As such, many new grads are excited about the possibility of permanent (full-time) employment as well as opportunities in travel nursing, according to V. Goodwin, the nursing student outreach director at Aureus Medical Group. In a recent interview, Goodwin talked about the job search for new grads and how to best prepare for a career as a travel nurse moving forward.

What new nursing grads need to know
According to Goodwin, full-time employment is available in a variety of settings for many nursing candidates following graduation, whether it be in a hospital, long-term care facility, clinic or hospice/home health position. However, the market is very competitive for new graduates. Regardless of the setting, new nurses will want to take advantage of nurse residency programs to gain expertise before starting a career in travel nursing.

"These programs, which are often a requirement for new graduates, combine additional classroom training and mentorship along with clinical orientation," Goodwin explained.

Goodwin went on to say that to best prepare for these programs, new grads will want to make a list of places that they are most interested in, then outline the details and requirements for the RN position and setting. Goodwin used a hospital RN position as an example. While some hospitals might have an in-house residency program, new nurses need to determine what their "non-negotiables" to the application (such as location or time commitments) are. Each facility is going to have its own guidelines, so it is important that a new nurse matches the program to his or her lifestyle.

It's also important for new grads to have a backup plan.

"Always have a plan B. With the new grad nurse market being extremely competitive in most major parts of the country, not everyone can find work where they hope and dream," Goodwin said.
There is also a push from the Institute of Medicine to have 80 percent of the nursing workforce attaining a bachelor of science in nursing by 2020, so this degree might be a crucial prerequisite in the coming years, especially for new grads seeking hospital employment.

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