Actor PAUL S. TRACEY Leads the Hunt in Petr Jákl’s Cannibalistic Horror Film “GHOUL”


LOS ANGELES (June 18, 2015) – Actor PAUL S. TRACEY stars as a documentary filmmaker searching for cannibalism in Czech filmmaker Petr Jákl’s new horror-thriller, GHOUL, releasing on VOD/DVD in the U.S. on June 23, 2015.

Combining truth and fiction, GHOUL has delivered spine-tingling chills to audiences around the world and in select U.S. theaters earlier this year. Fans also came out in droves for the world premiere in Prague, which set box office records as the highest opening weekend in history for a horror film in the Czech Republic.

In GHOUL, Tracey portrays Ryan, one of three American documentary filmmakers who travel to Ukraine to investigate and shoot a television pilot about the local history of cannibalism. Seeking an interview with a suspected murderer and cannibal, the group comes face to face with the evil spirit of Andrei Chikatilo, the most violent serial killer and cannibal of all time.

Tracey was thrilled to be part of the film, explaining “I’ve always loved horror films. I remember having to watch them at a cousin’s house because my parents wouldn’t let me watch them at home. When I found out I would be working on Ghoul, I was really excited.”

Recently, Tracey has been scaring fans on the festival circuit, starring in the indie horror film, EXPRESSWAY TO YOUR SKULL. The film follows Ed (Tracey) and Amy, a thrill-seeking couple desperately searching for a way to fix their strapped existence. With a stash of drugs, backpacks and half-cocked enthusiasm, they hit the road for an idyllic 3-day trip in the woods…which turns into a nightmare. The film comes from award-winning independent filmmaker Michael Okum and made its world premiere at the 33rd annual New Jersey Film Festival.

Tracey has also appeared in several high-profile television series, including ABC’s fan-favorite drama “Castle” and NBC’s “Trauma.” Tracey also just finished production of “IamYou,” a short film which he wrote and stars in; and has two feature length scripts and a TV series in-development.

Tracey’s creative talents are as diverse as his background. He grew up in the picturesque mountain community surrounding the Lake Tahoe / Reno area. His creativity surfaced at an early age, when his gift for drawing landed him in advanced art classes outside of the standard school curriculum. Consider his mother is French, Italian, and Welsh and his father is Jamaican, Chinese, and British, it’s no wonder that Tracey made the decision to explore the world after high school. He made his way to Spain for 6 months and then spent the next 4 years living in Rome, Italy, where he graduated from John Cabot University with a degree in Business Administration and Marketing. Afterwards, Tracey moved to San Francisco, where he started working in film production before quickly realizing that his real passion was on the other side of the camera and he headed for Hollywood.

Paul S. Tracey is represented by Tanya Kleckner at Henderson Represents Inc. (HRI Talent).

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